Valduero presents its private collection: an exclusive selection of unique and unrepeatable jewels that sum up in the excellence of an art without equal. AZAYA WHITES TIERRA ALTA ELITE GRAN LUJO UNA CEPA PREMIUM VALDUERO 12 AÑOS

Most prestigious and expensive wine of Spain (Wine Searcher 2022)

Decanter, 97 points

Aged for 4 years in oak barrels from 5 different origins, and since 1995 aging in the bottle.
Vineyard of clay and limestone lands.
Altitude 890 m.
100% Tempranillo variety.
Yield of just 1,000 kg / Ha.
Vineyard over 70 years old.
Native yeasts, provide the character and personality of the Terroir


Manual harvest, selecting the bunches in the vineyard.
Tempranillo grapes from low Bush vineyard show their potential through this wine
Small productions that do not exceed 1000kg per ha.
Completely artisan: handcrafted elaboration, and manual pressing in 500-liter oak barrels.
It remains in a long and patient aging (4 years) in oak barrels from 5 different origins


Ruby red color with some orange trims, due to the greatness of a 1989 wine that keeps its potential alive!
Notes of cedar wood, ripe fruits with a final hint of leather. It is intense and complex and expands on the palate as we taste it.
Ideal serving temperature: between 18ºC and 19ºC.




Gran Lujo