Among the first 4 positions competing with the most expensive wines in the world. “Wines internationally awarded between 95 and 97 points”. AZAYA WHITES TIERRA ALTA ELITE GRAN LUJO VALDUERO 12 AÑOS 6 AÑOS UNA CEPA PREMIUM

Decanter, 96 points – ABC, 96 points.

It ages 18 months, and a year in the bottle.
Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero.
Variety 100% Tempranillo (Tinto Fino).

Each vine only produce a single bottle
Vineyard over 50 years old
Low yield vineyard: 2,000 kg / Ha
Native yeasts that provide the character of our Terroir.
Alcoholic degree: 14%.

This wine was born in 2006, when Yolanda García Viadero decided to make a wine with grapes from an specific area of the vineyard . Its features are a very low production and small clusters with a n incredible high concentration. Once the harvest is done, the grapes ferment for 9 days between 23ºC and 28ºC, followed by a 10 – day maceration. Grapes come from small bushes vineyard without irrigation nor chemical fertilization. It is one of the lowest yields vineyard in the world. As a result, we obtain just a single bottle per vine.

Manual harvest, selecting the bunches one by one.
It is a demonstration of the potential of the Tempranillo grape.

-18 months in oak barrels.
-At least 1 year agingin bottle


A cherry red wine, deep coloured. We can notice a complexity of aromas and an extraordinary intensity. A very well-structured wine with a long finish. It runs through the mouth, opening and filling the palate.

Ideal serving temperature: between 12ºC and 18ºC



Una Cepa 96 decanter